Obama Tells Kimmel That Navy SEALs Can Drag Trump Out of White House

The former president also revealed how Trump’s birther nonsense almost distracted the White House from being able to pull off the Osama bin Laden raid.

After getting some more serious interviews out of the way over the past week, former President Barack Obama took his book tour to late-night TV, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the third time in five years to weigh in on this bizarre moment in American history.

“Why did you leave us with him?” Kimmel asked his remote guest when the applause from his limited live audience died down.

“I had to follow the Constitution and Michelle’s mandate,” Obama explained, to which the host replied, “The Constitution seems a little shaky lately. So I think Michelle's mandate is a lot stronger.”

Holding up a copy of Obama’s hefty new memoir A Promised Land, Kimmel asked, “Did you make it that long to make sure Trump never reads it?”

“I don’t think it would have had to be 700 [pages] to make sure he didn’t read it from what I hear,” Obama replied, laughing.

From there, the pair got into some small talk about who sold more copies of their book on the first day, Barack or Michelle, and why the former president is “afraid” of his teenage daughter Sasha.

Showing viewers the new cover of InStyle magazine with an extremely laid-back Obama on the cover along with the headline “That’s What I Do,” Kimmel asked, “How many martinis in were you on this shoot?” When Obama said it was shot around noon, the host joked, “Oh, so you have no excuse.”

It wasn’t until after a break that they got into the more pressing current events, such as the current president’s continued refusal to concede the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

“Do you feel that when you congratulated Biden and Senator Harris that you were premature in doing that?” Kimmel asked.

“No, I thought I was right on time,” Obama said, laughing. “There seems to be some lag. The communication system in the White House used to be better. It was real time. There were a lot of computers there that actually tell you what is going on around the world.”