The late-night host slammed the White House press secretary for her repeated distortions and tall tales regarding the 2020 presidential election results on Fox News.

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Kayleigh McEnany’s Election-Conspiracy Idiocy

Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States after capturing 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232. In the popular vote, Biden is up by approximately 5.9 million votes and may win by over 7 million votes once California and New York are fully tabulated.

And yet soon-to-be-former President Trump and his dedicated team of “alternative facts”-spewers continue to spread baseless claim after baseless claim about the 2020 presidential election results. Thus far, Trump has only been successful in one of his dozens of laughed-out-of-court lawsuits over the results—an election that his own cybersecurity chief has called “the most secure in American history” (Trump fired the cybersecurity chief after he said that, by the way.)

“Meanwhile, there are some folks in the White House who are working harder than they ever had before,” offered Jimmy Kimmel during his late-night monologue Wednesday night. “Press secretary Kayleigh Macadamia Nutjob is churning out the BS at 110 percent right now.”

Kimmel then threw to a clip of McEnany’s recent appearance on Fox News when, asked if Trump would agree to a peaceful transfer of power, she replied: “Look, this president has always said that he would engage in a peaceful transfer of power if the facts bear out that weight. But the president believes, so too do many others, that if every legal vote is counted, he will remain president. He’s pursuing litigation, but this president always wants what’s in the best interests of our country.”

“And by our country, she means Russia,” joked Kimmel. “They are so desperate to come up with something—anything—to save this sinking ship.”