They built a huge outrage machine. Then some of them tried to be real news people for five minutes, and now the outrage machine is outraged at them.

Fox News Is No Longer Insane Enough for Fox Viewers

It was during the million MAGAmarch, as a group of marchers was chanting “Fox News sucks, Fox News sucks,” that it occurred to me that Fox News may be on the precipice of Fox Newsing itself out of existence. Perhaps it was inevitable that at some point the outrage machine would be unable to manufacture the necessary outrage to perpetuate itself, but I didn’t think it would be the election of 2020 that triggered it.

Historically, Fox News has been able to successfully untether itself from the truth on matters like the coronavirus, caravans, (what happened to those?), Seth Rich trutherism. But when it came to the election, well, that was trickier, because Fox has an independent election decision desk that does not shape its facts around the president of the United States’ feelings.

But the problem is that Fox had built an audience that had gotten more and more radicalized with each passing year by Fox’s content. So by Election Night, when Fox anchors suddenly wanted to play things straight, it created a phenomenon whereby Fox News was unable to keep up with the conservative outrage generated by Fox News.