Lady Gaga Unloads on Sexual Predator Trump at Biden Rally After Days of Bizarre Fracking Attacks

After days of Trump’s illogical attacks on Lady Gaga (fracking?), the star dropped the mic at Biden’s final rally, calling out his sexual-assault accusations in a powerful speech.

“I’m off the deep end…” took on another meaning in the last days before the election as “Shallow” singer Lady Gaga, who performed the Oscar-winning ballad at Joe Biden’s eleventh-hour rally in the battleground state of Pennsylvania Monday night, found herself as the attack target of Donald Trump under more bizarre circumstances than already typical of the president.

After spending the day the subject of the Trump campaign’s bullying—related to a, by all accounts, unsubstantiated tie to an anti-fracking group eight years ago—Lady Gaga took the stage at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh to open for Biden before he made his final address of the campaign. And if Trump sniveled during a speech earlier in the day that he “could tell you stories about Lady Gaga,” she returned the volley with a damning spike Monday night.

“To all the women and all the men with daughters and sisters and mothers, everybody, no matter how you identify, now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of their bodies,” she said, as cars at the drive-in honked in approval. “Vote for Joe. He’s a good person. Thank you.”

After her speech, in which she told a story about how her family is from Pittsburgh and that she used to be engaged to man from Pennsylvania (ex-fiance Taylor Kinney), she returned to the stage to perform a rendition of “Shallow” she said she was going to sing so loud “the whole state can hear me.” She followed it up with a passionate rendition of “You and I,” replete with a mid-ballad kiss-off to a Fox News attempt to criticize her for being a liberal celebrity elite appealing to Pennsylvania voters.

Her final words: “Let’s vote Trump out.”

There’s no role more fleeting as Trump’s celebrity nemesis du jour, but it’s especially dramatic casting for Lady Gaga to earn the role in the twilight of the election.