Why Sex Workers Need to Get Off Their Asses and Vote

Porn star Cherie DeVille writes about why sex workers need to make their voices heard in 2020.

When sex workers vote, we choose the lesser of two haters. Leftist feminist Andrea Dworkin united with Reagan Republicans to push obscenity bills in the ’80s. In 2017, 27 Democrats and 43 Republicans co-sponsored the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which pushed prostitutes back on the streets where they’re more likely to be robbed, beaten, and/or killed. Throughout my decade working as a porn star, I’ve gotten so used to lawmakers of all stripes hating my guts, I’ve occasionally thought, “What is the point? Why should I vote?” Politicians’ animosity toward my profession poisons the democratic process—and that’s the point.

Puritans want to dictate how sex workers should work without ever consulting us. (Congress may invite YouTubers Diamond and Silk to speak, but they have yet to ask porn stars how laws harm us.) This week, it’s fundamental that my fellow sex workers vote.