In the final cold open before Election Day, Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden declared, “Trump cannot win. We must do better than that spray-tan superspreader.”


In the final Saturday Night Live episode before the 2016 election, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump broke character for the first time to apologize for yelling at Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. “None of this will have mattered if you don’t vote,” the actor told viewers just three days before the country elected Donald Trump.

Four years later, Baldwin has still been milking his Trump impression week after week. But this time, he was nowhere to be seen as SNL opened its last show before the 2020 election with a Halloween message from Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden.

Telling viewers he wanted to read them a scary story, Biden picked up Triggered by Donald Trump Jr. before saying, “That’s a little too scary.” Instead, he chose an even more terrifying Edgar Allan Poe-inspired story about how the Democratic candidate could lose.