Bill Maher Tries to Rehab Al Franken’s Image Before the Election

The “Real Time” host welcomed the former senator onto his program—and refused to so much as hint at the allegations against him.

“Four days before the election. As Stormy Daniels once said, ‘Let’s just get this over with,’” joked Bill Maher Friday night.

After his monologue, the Real Time host welcomed his longtime pal Al Franken onto the program for a sit-down interview. Franken, of course, is the former SNL comic turned Democratic Senator from Minnesota who resigned on January 2, 2018, after a number of women accused him of unwanted touching and kissing. Maher has repeatedly defended Franken on his program, minimizing the allegations against him and reframing them as only “one incident” wherein he acted like a “high schooler.”

That incident—involving a kissing sketch, a creepy photo, and the right-wing celebrity Leeann Tweeden—indeed contained a number of inconsistencies, according to an in-depth report by The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer. But what Maher and a number of other liberals fail to realize is that Franken was accused of more than just this one incident of unwanted kissing and touching—including a damning allegation where Franken is said to have tried to forcibly kiss a Democratic congressional aide following a taping of his radio show in 2006.