'Big Brother' Crowns New Champion in Dramatic Season 22 'All-Stars' Finale!


The true all-star of all-stars has emerged! After three months of competition, Big Brother All-Stars has crowned a new champion.

Going into Wednesday’s special two-hour competition, it was down to the final three: Cody Calafiore, Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel.

So, who won the big $500,000 prize? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here’s how everything played out during Wednesday’s big finale!

When the episode kicked off, Nicole had already won the first of three Head of Household Competitions, locking Enzo and Cody into a showdown that required physical prowess, timing and a good memory of event from this past season.

The challenge required the two contestants to run across a balance beam and set up cardboard cutouts of evicted houseguests, then run back across the beam — while shoving some pendulum pigs out of the way — and snap a photo of the cutouts without one of the “photo hogs” in the frame. They had to do this multiple times.

Enzo had a difficult time figuring out the timing and coordinating his movements. Cody had difficulty as well, but seriously outpaced Enzo.

The degree to which Cody beat Enzo wasn’t truly clear until their final times were revealed. Enzo completed the challenge in 37 minutes and 38 seconds. Upon hearing his time, he was sure Cody had breezed through faster, and predicted a final time of 12 or 13 minutes — but he was wrong.

Cody completed the challenge in 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

Enzo stormed off, mostly mad at himself, but generally venting in all directions. It was not a great look for him, but Cody and Nicole didn’t have a lot of time to worry about his spiraling tantrum because they the had to square off in the third and final HoH challenge. Whoever won the final challenge would choose who to take with them as to final two.