“I’m voting for Biden because my wife will kill me if I don’t. But damn, do they even see us?”

At the Barbershop, Black Men Aren’t Sold on Biden and Harris

Joe Biden is not Barack Obama, and many Black men are tired of the comparisons.

After four years of racist rhetoric, Donald Trump is now 57 percentage points down with Black voters, according to FiveThirtyEight—which is bad, yes, but is a 15-point improvement from where he ended up in 2016.

Why would Black men, who are often the target of unarmed police shootings, unemployment, and systemic inequality in America, back a president who is a racist and who wants more racist so-called law-and-order policies? To try and answer that question, I went to the epicenter of Black male refuge: a mainstay West Philadelphia barbershop on a busy Saturday.