By adopting Trump’s tactics and disposition and rejecting the policy positions that led skeptical voters to Trump in the first place, they’ve surrendered the moral high ground.

The Lincoln Project Isn’t Helping Anyone but Themselves

The rise of Donald Trump has created a new class of disaffected former conservatives. They have rebranded as conscientious objectors to Trump and Trumpism, so motivated by the present threat that partisan politics and policy preferences must take a backseat.

While the Never Trump movement contains myriad smaller organizations fighting for shared resources and often duplicating efforts in the process, its goals are most clearly expressed by a group of former conservative campaign hands and staffers called the Lincoln Project. They’ve set out to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, targeting even the most liberal-leaning Republicans in the Senate. The group purports to target disaffected conservatives and provide the reassurance and support they need to vote for Democrats.

But what the Lincoln Project fails to acknowledge is precisely what led to Donald Trump’s election in the first place: that for millions of American conservatives, policy-oriented convictions are important enough to vote for a conservative candidate they may not like.