The Village People aren’t happy that President Donald Trump is playing their hit “Y.M.C.A.” at his rallies.

At least that’s how it played out Saturday’s Adele-hosted episode of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” as the police officer (Kenan Thompson) and the rest of the costumed, five-man troupe debuted new lyrics for the song, along with a new title, “Cease and Desist,” at the end of the Weekend Update segment.

After co-anchor Colin Jost opened the segment with video of Trump dancing to the song, the “SNL” version of the popular ’70s disco group appeared before the anchor desk, the familiar anthem blared and Thompson’s cop broke out with: “Stop it/Yeah, I’m talking to you/I said, stop it/This is long overdue/’Cause we never/said that we support you/You. Must. Pay. To. Use. Our. Songs.”

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Then they made their legal case: “Donald/’Cause of all of your lies/We’re playing hardball/And we got a surprise/He’s a lawyer/Who you might recognize,” as Alan Dershowitz danced into the picture. Then, the refrain: “He’s gonna send you a cease and desist/get ready for a cease and desist.”

When the song veered into a verse about Jeffrey Epstein, who died in a detention center while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, Jost told them they couldn’t say that, then asked if the group members were united in their cease-and-desist efforts. “You’re from different walks of life.”

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“That’s kind of complicated,” Thompson’s street cop said, as the music picked up. “The soldier/Said that you let him down/and the gay man/Said you don’t want him around/And the native/Is sick with COVID-19/Only. The. Construction. Worker’s. Still. With. You,” they sang as the construction worker revealed a red MAGA shirt.

Somehow, the group’s musical punishment for Trump evolved into shaving the head of his daughter, Ivanka, saying she’d end up looking like “Star Trek” captain Jean-Luc Picard.”

Jost objected. “Wait! You say you’re going to shave Ivanka’s head. You can’t just say that. It’s got to be like a felony.”

Again, the cop had an answer. “Hey, man. Everything is legal if you sing it in a song.”

Well, he is in law enforcement.

'SNL' Weekend Update: Village People change lyrics to order Trump to stop playing 'Y.M.C.A.'